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Kids Forward stands up for kids by advocating for:

Investments In a Child’s Earliest Years

Expand access to quality early care and education to all children and families. Early learning is one of our best investments in a child’s success in life and it yields a high return.

Healthier Kids and Families

Ensure that children and families have access to quality and affordable health care services by working to improve BadgerCare and the federal health care reform act.

Equitable Communities

Build the best future possible for every child, every family, and every community in Wisconsin—especially for children and families of color and for those furthest from opportunity.

Strengthening Wisconsin’s Workforce

Expand Wisconsin’s middle class by giving individuals and families the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty by raising the minimum wage, closing the gender gap, and reducing barriers to work.

A Level Playing Field on Taxes

Close tax loopholes that favor the well-connected and the very rich, and make sure everyone pays his or her fair share. Make smart investments with tax revenue that create opportunity.

A Fair Justice System for Youth

Make sure all kids go through an age appropriate justice system and are treated fairly—regardless of the color of their skin. Promote investments in diverting youth from the formal justice system to proven community-based programs.


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