Leadership and Staff

Kids Forward Staff

Christin Calloway, Policy Analyst, (608) 284-0580, ext. 303
Tamarine Cornelius, Research Analyst, (608) 284-0580, ext. 305
David Edie, Early Education Policy Analyst, (608) 284-0580, ext. 315
Pnina Goldfarb, Research Associate, Wraparound Milwaukee (414) 257-7642
Sashikala Gregory, Health Care Policy Analyst, (608) 284-0580, ext. 313
Jennifer Leavitt-Moy, Policy Associate, (608) 284-0580, ext. 329
Stephanie Muñoz, Project and Community Engagement Associate, (608) 284-0580, ext. 329
Erica Nelson, Director of Race to Equity, (608) 284-0580, ext. 321
William Parke-Sutherland, Health Policy Outreach Coordinator, (608) 284-0580, ext. 317
Jon Peacock, Research Director, (608) 284-0580, ext. 307
Corinda Rainey-Moore, Outreach and Engagement Manager, (608) 284-0580, ext. 306
Michelle Robinson, Research, Data, and Policy Associate, (608) 284-0580, ext. 312
Ken Taylor, Executive Director, (608) 284-0580, ext. 302
Wenona Wolf, Communication and Development Manager, (608) 284-0580, ext. 304
Daithi Wolfe, Early Education Policy Analyst, (608) 284-0580, ext. 328
Barbara Zuccarello, Office Manager, (608) 284-0580, ext. 327

Kids Forward Board of Directors


President: Nancy Heykes, Hazelhurst
Vice-President: Jacquie Boggess, Madison
Secretary: Sandi Tunis, Milwaukee
Treasurer: Steve Mixtacki, Madison
At Large Member: Helene Nelson, Madison
At Large Member: Juli Aulik, Madison
Ex-Officio: Donald F. Schultz (Kids Forward Foundation Board President)


Tony Baez, Milwaukee
Tonya Brito, Madison
Jorge Cardona, Madison
Mary Haffenbredl, Madison
Sarah Inman, Green Bay
Celia Jackson, Milwaukee
Missy Jacobus MacLeod, Milwaukee
Michele Mackey, Sun Prairie
Don Maurer, Waukesha
Lucia Nunez, Madison
Harry Ogden, Madison
Mary Rohrer, La Crosse
Sue Vincent, Green Bay
Joseph R. Wall, Milwaukee

Kids Forward Foundation Board of Directors


President: Donald F. Schultz, Madison
Vice President: Christine Rew Barden, Middleton
Secretary/Treasurer: Donald Maurer, Waukesha


Anne Arnesen, Madison
Shannon Davidson, Middleton
Aaron Friedman, Madison
Keith Johnson, Madison
Patrick P. Neuman, Madison

Ex Officio Members

Nancy Heykes, Kids Forward Board President, Hazelhurst
Steve Mixtacki, Kids Forward Treasurer, Madison
Ken Taylor, Kids Forward Executive Director, Madison

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