Jon Peacock

Despite Trump Administration Actions Creating Turmoil, Affordable Care Act Will Insulate Many from Insurance Rate Hikes

The Trump administration has taken numerous steps to hinder the Affordable Care Act and could eventually cause many state insurance marketplaces to collapse, but the majority of Wisconsinites who get coverage through the ACA will be protected from the increased premiums that insurance companies announced for 2018. President Trump issued an executive order early this […]

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Trump Continues Sabotaging the Most Centrist Part of the ACA

Since Congress failed to pass a bill repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Republican lawmakers have been in a quandary.  Because they have been predicting for so long that the ACA was going to fail, some Republicans seemed to be determined to make that happen. However, others realize that the part of the law they can sabotage – the subsidized marketplace for private insurance – is critically important for millions of Americans and also a centrist approach for increasing access to health care. 

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