Wenona Wolf

Stand Up for Dreamers

Throughout our nation’s history, the great American story for so many immigrants is finding a better life, building a stronger future, and achieving their dreams in this great nation. At Kids Forward, we are committed to building the best future possible for every child and every family in Wisconsin. This includes over 7,500 young people […]

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We Can Fund What We Need to Fund

For thousands of years, people have recognized the responsibility of a compassionate society to care for, support, encourage, and provide a quality life for all people, including the most vulnerable among us.  To this end we establish governments, elect leaders and pay taxes. How those taxes are collected and how those tax monies are utilized, […]

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Is the State of Our State Strong?

In a blog post we released just prior to the Governor’s State of the State address, we asked whether his proposals would prioritize investments in children and opportunity for all. To be fair, the State of the State speech is not usually the vehicle for detailed policy proposals, those details will be contained in the […]

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Electing Candidates for Kids this November

With just twelve days left until Election Day, we have a lot of choices to make about the future of our state, and the future of our country. We’ve listened to candidates for local and national office talk about what makes them the best person for the job, and what they will do for us, […]

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Indigenous Peoples Day

According to Think Progress, a movement to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday in October is spreading throughout the country. Since the adoption of the first Indigenous Peoples Day in 1992 by the city of Berkeley, California, many other communities, cities, states and other types of municipalities are following suit. Just last week, […]

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