January 24, 2014

Baby Facts: Wisconsin

A recent fact sheet, State Baby Facts: Wisconsin, from ZERO TO THREE provides an interesting picture of Wisconsin’s infants and toddlers, with 70 facts provided with citations.  Here are some examples:


  • Population: There are 212,019 infants and toddlers in Wisconsin.
  • Well-being:  Wisconsin ranks 15th among all states for child well-being.
  • Single parents: 32% of infants and toddlers in Wisconsin live with a single parent.
  • Low-income: 42% of children under age 3 in Wisconsin live in low-income families.

Early Learning Experiences

  • Working moms: 73% of mothers with infants in Wisconsin are in the labor force.
  • Cost of care: In Wisconsin the cost of child care for an infant is 44% of a single mother’s median income and 13% of a two-parent family’s median income.
  • Parent engagement: 59% of parents in Wisconsin tell stories and sing to their 0-5-year-old each day.

Health and Nutrition

  • Insurance: 4.3% of Wisconsin’s young children under 6 don’t have health insurance.
  • Immunization: 83% of Wisconsin’s 2-year-olds are fully immunized.
  • SNAP:  16% of SNAP recipients are under age 5.

Strong Families

  • Maltreatment: 24% of children in Wisconsin who are maltreated are under age 3.
  • Grandparents: 49% of WI children living with their grandparents are under age 6.
  • Foster Care: 28% of children in Wisconsin entering foster care are under age 3.
  • Home visiting: 12.6% of Wisconsin families participate in a home visitation program.

Dave Edie