Child Safety

All kids deserve a safe and nurturing upbringing at home and in their community. They should ride in proper car seats, be safe from gun violence, and live in homes where parents understand the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Lead Harms Wisconsin Children

The Flint water crisis has highlighted the damage that lead exposure inflicts on children, families, and communities. In Flint, residents were exposed to high levels of lead in the drinking water after a governor-appointed city manager, with an eye towards saving money, switched the city’s water source. Exposure to lead in childhood can cause permanent […]

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Investing Early Saves Lives and Money: Reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences can Reduce Crime!

In a July 30 blog post, WCCF noted the release of more recent surveys on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) release by Child Trends. It should come as no surprise that recently released research, from the University of Florida and supported by OJJDP, confirms that youthful offenders are likely to have experienced significantly more trauma than […]

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Child Trends Releases Updated ACEs Data

Much of the discussion around the impact of trauma on child development up through adulthood has been bolstered by good research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The short-hand way to think about it is that the more children experience ACEs growing up, the more likely it is to have detrimental effects on a range of […]

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Baby Facts: Wisconsin

A recent fact sheet, State Baby Facts: Wisconsin, from ZERO TO THREE provides an interesting picture of Wisconsin’s infants and toddlers, with 70 facts provided with citations.  Here are some examples: Basics Population: There are 212,019 infants and toddlers in Wisconsin. Well-being:  Wisconsin ranks 15th among all states for child well-being. Single parents: 32% of […]

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Budget’s Non-fiscal Policy Explosion Cataloged by Fiscal Bureau

Finance Committee Approves 35 of Governor’s Non-fiscal Proposals and Adds 59 More A document released Tuesday by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) provides a comprehensive list of non-fiscal policy measures included in the biennial budget bill. Legislators frequently condemn the practice of putting non-fiscal policy into this bill because the budget process generally provides much […]

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