Equitable Communities

Kids Forward works to build the best future possible for every kid and every family in Wisconsin—especially for children and families of color and those furthest from opportunity.


A significant part of that work is the Race to Equity Project. Race to Equity is a comprehensive approach to engaging leaders and community members in Dane County in a broader, solution-oriented dialogue aimed at reducing the profound and persistent racial disparities in health, education, child welfare, criminal justice, employment, and income that plague the nation, state, and county.

For more information, visit our Race to Equity website.

High-Quality Early Childhood Education Can Narrow the Achievement Gaps for African American and Hispanic Children

Implementing a universal high-quality prekindergarten program has the potential to substantially narrow racial/ethnic disparities in academic readiness at kindergarten entry, according to a recent blog, How much can high-quality Universal Pre-K reduce achievement gaps? by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER).

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Native American Girls Face Highest Incarceration Rates

A recent publication by The Pew Charitable Trusts sheds light on the underrepresented disparities facing American Indian women across the United States. American Indians and Alaskan Natives make up just 2 percent of the US population, yet these communities face disproportionate levels of poverty, violence, and school dropouts. Here are some quick statistics from the […]

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Equity Starts Early According to State Education Leaders

A new report, Equity Starts Early: How Chiefs Will Build High-Quality Early Education, has just been released by state education leaders promoting the importance of high-quality early education, especially for children from low-income families. Here’s a quote from the report: “High-quality early education programs can improve outcomes, narrow achievement gaps, and convey long-term benefits for […]

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All Things Being Equal – It’s Not!: Race, Class, and Incarceration

There’s plenty of evidence that race and class can affect the wellbeing of children and adults in many ways. However, it’s hard to know exactly how these connections work, especially because race and class often overlap. A recent study, described by The Washington Post, attempted to detangle the two by comparing incarceration rates by both […]

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It Just Isn’t Right!!: Part II – Suspensions and Expulsions by Race and Ethnicity in Wisconsin

In Part 1 of this blog, we described the data on suspensions and expulsion by race/ethnicity in the United States. But, what about Wisconsin? Unfortunately, rates of suspensions and expulsions in Wisconsin are more disparate than they are nationally. According to 2013-14 data from the Department of Public Instruction: Only about 4% of all students were […]

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It’s Just Not Right: Suspensions and Expulsions by Race and Ethnicity: United States

We’re all aware of racial achievement gaps that exist across the country and right here in Wisconsin, but there’s another racial gap in education worth noting: suspensions and expulsions. A nationwide look at suspension and expulsion rates, broken down by race and ethnicity, shows that black and American Indian students are more likely than their […]

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