Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Ups and Downs in New BadgerCare Enrollment Numbers

Governor Walker and the Department of Health Services (DHS) released data today relating to BadgerCare enrollment in April.  According to the Governor’s press release, the state was serving an additional 81,731 childless adults below the poverty level in April, but 62,776 people with income above the poverty level lost their BadgerCare eligibility. You can find the […]

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Independent Analysis Finds Large Drop in the Uninsured since September

Urban Institute Says 5.4 Million Adults Gained Insurance between September 2013 and March 2014 A New York Times editorial Thursday morning assesses the success of the ACA.  It focuses on the number of sign-ups for private coverage through the Marketplace, which recently surged past 7 million.  However, the editorial also cites the Medicaid expansion and […]

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New Figures Indicate More than 116,000 Health Insurance Sign-ups in Wisconsin

More Data Needed on Actual Number of New Enrollees and Decrease in the Uninsured   New figures released by federal officials yesterday show that nearly 3.3 million people picked a private health insurance plan through the federal Marketplace by February 1, including more than 56,000 in Wisconsin. In addition, slightly over 60,000 Wisconsinites who applied through the […]

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New Poverty Level Standards & ACA Definitions Take Effect

The standards for determining BadgerCare eligibility changed in a couple of significant ways this week.  Although the major eligibility changes (reducing the income limits for parents and improving coverage for adults without dependent children) have been delayed until April 1, the following two changes have just taken effect: The federal government’s annual adjustments to the […]

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Insurance Marketplace Enrollment Accelerates in December in Wisconsin and Nationally

Private Coverage in Wisconsin Exceeds Federal Target for First Three Months   New figures released by federal officials today show that nearly 2.2 million people picked a private health insurance plan through the federal Marketplace by December 28, including nearly 41,000 in Wisconsin.  In addition, more than 44,000 Wisconsinites who applied through the Marketplace were found […]

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Why We Need the Affordable Care Act — in One Graph

Employer-sponsored Insurance Drops by 472,000 in Wisconsin since 2000-01.  Okay, there are scads of reasons why we need the reforms in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including many reforms that are already in place and having very positive impacts.  So one graph doesn’t actually do the – which is a conclusion that was reinforced when […]

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