Health Care

Every family needs and deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care services. People covered by health insurance are healthier, make less use of expensive emergency room services, do better in school and at work, and are more economically stable.

The Affordable Care Act, enacted by the federal government in 2010, has brought dramatic changes to the health care landscape across the nation and in Wisconsin. One of the ACA's key features is a health insurance marketplace through which eligible people can buy coverage beginning in 2014. One of the most critical issues regarding how health care reform plays out in Wisconsin will be the marketplace's ability to accommodate the large number of low-income people who are being forced by changes in BadgerCare eligibility rules to purchase their own insurance.

For much more information about the new health coverage marketplace see the federal governments website, and the Wisconsin enrollment outreach site

This Week in the State Legislature

This week in the capitol begins the second week of a three-week legislative session. Here are some bills to watch for— Senate Bill 484, often referred to as BadgerCare Plus Basic, is scheduled in the State Senate on Tuesday, February 23. BadgerCare Plus Basic is health insurance for the 21,000 people on the Badger Care […]

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New Issue Brief on Health Disparities

WCCF’s latest WisKids Count Issue Brief, “Building on our Strength: Achieving Equity in Health Outcomes for Children and Families in Wisconsin,” takes on the issue of health disparities in Wisconsin based on race and ethnicity. Largely rooted in social and community factors, Wisconsin’s gap is one of the most egregious in the country. “Building on […]

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CCF "Postcard" Highlights Wisconsin’s Coverage of Kids and Pregnant Women Who Are Legal Immigrants

The Georgetown University Health Policy Institute’s Center for Children and Families (CCF) regularly publishes on its website Postcards from CCF, which highlight best practices in states across the country. A recent Postcard features an interview with WCCF’s Jon Peacock about Wisconsin’s recent expansion of BadgerCare Plus to cover immigrant children and pregnant women living in […]

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New Census Numbers Suggest Wisconsin Strong on Health Coverage, Not So Strong on Income

Yesterday, the U.S. Census Bureau released a batch of data from the American Community Survey (ACS), an annual survey of some 3 million households nationwide. The release includes data on health insurance coverage (for the first time), household income, and housing costs for 2008. Wisconsin remains a national leader in making health insurance available to […]

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Kids Unleaded: Your Link to New Information about the Hazards of Lead Poisoning

The Children’s Health Alliance has launched a new e-newsletter, called Kids Unleaded. The newsletter will cover issues related to lead poisoning elimination, the long-term negative effects of lead exposure, and opportunities to link with others working on this critical issue. The negative impacts on brain development, school performance, behavioral and mental health issues, and overall […]

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CHIPRA Can Help Improve Health Care for Non-English Speakers

The Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) approved by Congress early this year gives states financial assistance and policy options that will help Wisconsin improve Badger Care Plus. One source of financial assistance is an enhanced federal match rate for interpretation and translation services. The new rate, which is 75% for children in Medicaid […]

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New Report Shows States Moving Forward on Covering Kids Despite Fiscal Challenges

The Center for Children and Families today released the report “Weathering the Storm: States Moving Forward Despite Tough Economic Climate,” the first evaluation of CHIPRA implementation. “Weathering the Storm” finds that despite the tough fiscal climate in the states, 23 states moved forward in covering children this year. By taking advantage of the passing of […]

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BC+ Core Plan Faces Possible Waiting Lists

An article in today’s Wisconsin State Journal notes that enrollment in the new program for childless adults within BadgerCare Plus is exceeding the state’s projections. The article states that DHS Secretary Karen Timberlake has indicated that they may have to turn to waiting lists in order to keep the program on budget. According to the […]

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