Juvenile Justice

All kids deserve fair treatment in court. WCCF seeks to ensure that kids are treated through the juvenile court so their developmental needs can be better accounted for throughout the court and rehabilitative process.

See information about the Second Chance Bill, which would return first-time, nonviolent 17-year-old offenders to the juvenile system.

WCCF is a member of the National Juvenile Justice Network, which helps support and enhance the work of state-based groups to promote the reform of America’s critically flawed juvenile justice system at every level.


A Step Forward for Juvenile Justice-Hope Springs Eternal

Per the Coalition for Juvenile Justice: House Passes HR 1809 to Reform and Reauthorize the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. Today, in the U.S. House of Representatives, a bipartisan bill that would reauthorize the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act, and enhance the focus on prevention, was passed by voice vote. The legislation, known […]

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The Wisconsin Department of Corrections Office of Detention Facilities releases their 2016 annual report

Trends in Adult and Juvenile Detention The Wisconsin Department of Corrections Office of Detention Facilities released their annual report for 2016. The report shows data relating to the population of Wisconsinites in secure facilities. As has been highlighted by previous reports, arrest rates are down throughout Wisconsin and have been consistently declining for over twenty […]

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Juvenile Arrests in Wisconsin

The number of arrests of people age 17 and under has dropped sharply in Wisconsin in recent years. The decrease reflects a drop in crime committed by juveniles, as well as changes in law enforcement practices.

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The State of Juvenile Justice in Wisconsin

This report is an update of an earlier 2015 report and includes data through 2015. Fortunately, many of the trends noted in the prior reports have continued, as juvenile arrests have continued to decline and there has been a growth in support for successful community-based programs. Read the full report here.

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Risking Their Futures

This is a 2008 WCCF publication outlining why 17 year olds should not be charged as adults, including a review of some of the collateral consequences of youth getting an adult arrest and/or court record. Although the numbers have changed, the basic content of this report informs our on-going efforts to raise the age of […]

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Fines for Youth are Not Fine

Something we don’t always think about as youth go through the juvenile justice system – or in some cases diverted from the formal system into municipal courts or even other diversion programs – is that often various fines and fees are assessed on the youth and/or the parents.  A new report from the Juvenile Law […]

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