Tax and Budget

The state budget and the taxes that help finance it have a huge impact on children and families. The budget provides most of the funding for vital government services, such as education, health care, transportation, child welfare and other safety net programs.

For more detailed analysis, visit the Wisconsin Budget Project website.

For a variety of materials related to the most recent state budget, visit our 2017-2019 State Budget page.

WCCF Response to Governor’s Budget

Governor Doyle released his budget proposal last night. In general, WCCF applauds his balanced approach, which includes a number of revenue uppers in addition to a host of inevitable cuts. While we do have some concerns, we appreciate the Governor’s commitment to key spending areas like health care and education. For our initial reaction, read […]

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Implications of Economic Recovery Act for Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families has issued a comprehensive summary of how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will affect Wisconsin. The document examines 60 parts of the bill, and in many instances indicates how much funding Wisconsin can expect. It focuses primarily on the portions of the stimulus package that relate to […]

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Debut of the "Budget Bob Show"

Well, he’s no Johnny Depp, but WCCF’s own Budget Bob has taken the tiny screen by storm. Visit the 2009-11 Budget Essentials page of our website to view the first installment of the “Budget Bob Show,” our series of short, lo-fi videos that provide an overview of the Wisconsin State Budget. The series covers such […]

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