Wisconsin Budget Project

The Wisconsin Budget Project is a Kids Forward initiative that is engaged in analysis and education on state budget and tax issues, particularly those relating to low and moderate income families. For more information, visit the Wisconsin Budget Project website.

BadgerCare Updates: Recent Enrollment Trends and New Eligibility Tables

BadgerCare participation grew modestly over the last couple of months, but less than I had hoped it would. During the 2014-15 open enrollment period for the federal Marketplace, there was a very substantial increase in BadgerCare enrollment (about a 4% rise from November 2014 to March 2015). Based on preliminary data, the increase in the […]

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A Moral Imperative to Fix an Unfair Transportation Bill

Affordable, reliable bus service is critical for many Wisconsinites, particularly low income workers and people who are elderly or have disabilities. Unfortunately, bus systems and other public transportation services have long been underfunded in Wisconsin, and a transportation funding bill the legislature is considering will compound that problem. The bill in question (AB 210) would […]

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Good Budget News Relating to BadgerCare and Medicaid

There was some good news this week from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) relating to Medicaid and the potential expansion of BadgerCare. That news came on Tuesday when Senators John Erpenbach and Jennifer Shilling both released a Fiscal Bureau memo that re-estimates the potential savings from expanding BadgerCare eligibility. The new memo is very good […]

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New Enrollment Numbers Add Fuel to the Medicaid Expansion Debate

Surge in BadgerCare Enrollment of Childless Adults Strengthens the Case for Tapping Federal Funding  As new statistics come in, we can see that the second open enrollment period for the federal insurance Marketplace didn’t merely cause a big increase in Marketplace coverage, it also yielded a surge in BadgerCare enrollment. That’s music to the ears of […]

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The Growing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Household Wealth

It probably comes as no surprise that there are substantial disparities in wealth between Whites, Blacks and Hispanics.  However, figures released last week by the Census Bureau drives home the point by documenting the extent of those disparities and showing how the gaps have been growing over the past decade. As I wrote in today’s […]

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Wisconsin’s Medicaid Deficit Grows to $93 Million, as Cost of Rejecting Federal Funds Rises Sharply

Enrollment of childless adults in BadgerCare is far above the anticipated level, and that’s having a significant effect on the state budget.  The much higher than anticipated cost of covering that population means Wisconsin could save far more than previously estimated by taking the enhanced federal funding for Medicaid expansions. That option authorized by the Affordable […]

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