WisKids Count

WisKids Count tracks, analyzes, synthesizes, and communicates data about the health and well-being of children and families in Wisconsin. WisKids Count is a part of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count project which seeks to enrich local, state and national discussions concerning ways to secure better futures for all children.

The Kids Count Data Center provides access to a wide range on data on indicators of child well-being in Wisconsin. Using the tools in the Data Center, you can easily create a profile of your county or school district. For more information on how to use the Kids Count Data Center, see our instructional presentation.

The 2017 State of the State for Wisconsin’s Children

Tomorrow afternoon, Governor Walker will deliver his State of the State address. Traditionally, governors have not used the State of the State address to focus on the well-being of children, but they should. Today’s children grow up to be tomorrow’s workers, caregivers, and leaders. If we want to have a healthy, well-educated workforce that can […]

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Indigenous Peoples Day

According to Think Progress, a movement to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday in October is spreading throughout the country. Since the adoption of the first Indigenous Peoples Day in 1992 by the city of Berkeley, California, many other communities, cities, states and other types of municipalities are following suit. Just last week, […]

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Fines for Youth are Not Fine

Something we don’t always think about as youth go through the juvenile justice system – or in some cases diverted from the formal system into municipal courts or even other diversion programs – is that often various fines and fees are assessed on the youth and/or the parents.  A new report from the Juvenile Law […]

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Ten Things Leaders Can do to Improve the Lives of Children and Families with Mental Health Challenges

Kids in Crisis, USA Today Network’s lengthy investigation on challenges children with mental health issues face, has developed a 10-point Legislation Action Tracker. You can check out this list and follow it over time to see if our state’s leadership takes the kind of steps recommended to improve the lives of thousands of children/youth/families across […]

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