Family Economic Security

Poverty in Wisconsin Infographic

Every person in Wisconsin deserves a chance to climb the economic ladder. But too many in Wisconsin are still trapped in poverty, years after the recession has ended. By making sure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed, we can build broad prosperity in Wisconsin. PDF Infographic for 2014 Wisconsin poverty levels

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2014 Federal Poverty Levels

New federal poverty level (FPL) figures were released in January and began to apply to BadgerCare on Feb. 1, 2014. This one-page document shows those figures for different family sizes and translates them into the key percentages of the FPL for purposes of BadgerCare and the Affordable Care Act. It includes the monthly and hourly amounts, as well as the annual figures, and it explains the relevance of different percentages of the FPL.

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Economic Recovery Slow for Wisconsin Families

WCCF has analyzed county-level Census Bureau data on poverty, income, and health insurance coverage for 21 Wisconsin counties, and found that state residents have not yet fully rebound from the impact of the recession that began five years ago.

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2013 Federal Poverty Levels

This chart is a handy reference for the income levels that are relevant for BadgerCare and the Affordable Care Act.  It shows the income limits and thresholds for people in different family sizes from 100% to 400% of the federal poverty level, and contains tables that convert the annual income limits into monthly and hourly […]

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