Juvenile Justice

The Continuing State of Juvenile Justice in Wisconsin

This report is an update of an earlier report published in October of 2011 and includes data from 2011 and 2012. Fortunately, many of the trends noted in the earlier report have continued, as juvenile arrests have continued to decline and we have seen a growth in support for successful community-based programs.

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Summary of Research on Effectiveness of Adult vs. Juvenile Court in Reducing Reoffending of Youthful Offenders

Research over the past 20+ years affirms that trying youth in adult court has a detrimental impact on community safety as well as on many 17-year-olds. Current Wisconsin law excludes all 17-year-olds from the juvenile court and the services available through that venue. Even if prosecutors and judges wanted to include a 17-year-old in an appropriate juvenile service or program, they are unable to do so. Researchers have studied how best to promote public safety and meet the needs of 17-year-olds in several different ways.

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Overview: Youth Aids and Juvenile Correction Costs in the 2013-15 Budget

Following a biennium in which the Youth Aids Allocation was reduced by about 17%(about 10% of which was a permanent reduction that becomes the “base” for 2013-15 and about $7 million that was “lapsed” back to the general fund) two of the three juvenile correctional institutions (JCI) were closed, and the daily rates charged to counties were increased, the 2013-15 proposal regrettably does not restore all of the reductions while still increasing the daily charges to counties for services.

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How much does it cost for juvenile delinquency services in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin 2011 Act 32 required the Department of Corrections to gather information about juvenile justice services from around the state and compile into a report to the legislature.  With help from the counties, that information has been compiled in a report to the legislature released in early July.  The report, simply titled 2010 State and […]

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Juvenile Justice Expenditure Snapshot

WCCF has created a Juvenile Justice Expenditures Snapshot of the key fiscal data, illustrating changes in funding, changes in the number of youth served, and that state Youth Aids funds account for less than one-half of juvenile justice related expenditures.

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