Tax and Budget

Treat Profits from Investments the Same as Income from Work

For tax purposes, Wisconsin should treat profits from investments the same as income from
work. Currently, Wisconsin gives preferential treatment to profits from investments, which results in tax breaks for the best off. Most other states treat profits from investment the same as
income from work.

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Is It Working for Kids?

During election season, candidates have a lot of opportunities talk about their priorities and the kinds of legislation
they intend to champion. Our job as voters is to make candidates talk about the issues that matter to us, so that we can
make informed decisions when we go to the polls. Unfortunately, children’s issues receive insufficient attention during
candidate interviews, debates, and other forums. That needs to change.

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Options for Closing the Shrinking Medicaid Deficit

Back in October 2011, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) estimated that the state was facing a shortfall in the budget for Medicaid and BadgerCare of about $550 million during the 2011-13 biennium: almost $220 million in state General Purpose Revenue (GPR) and $330 million of matching federal funds.

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Policy Changes Affecting Working Families in 2012

The biennial budget bill made numerous changes that affect Wisconsin’s low- and moderate-income working families in negative ways. Some of those changes took effect on January 1, 2012, and others that apply to tax year 2011 will first be felt by Wisconsinites as they file their tax returns this year.

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