Changes to the Affordable Care Act: What’s At Risk In Wisconsin

Enactment of the House health care plan, known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA), would affect most Wisconsinites. But even if it is not enacted, actions taken by Congress and President Trump imperil the subsidized Marketplace insurance plans that provide health care coverage to about 240,000 Wisconsinites.

Over the long term, the biggest impact on access to health insurance and health services would probably come from changes that AHCA seeks to make to the fundamental structure of Medicaid, which now provides health care for nearly 1.2 million Wisconsinites. However, the much more immediate effects would come from changes to the federal Marketplace, which are likely to occur with or without enactment of AHCA.

This report examines some of the likely impacts in Wisconsin stemming from the House-approved bill, including the geographic distribution of people who could be adversely affected. The appendices include tables showing the number of Wisconsinites in each county who could be harmed by changes to either the federal Marketplace or Medicaid. Read the full report…