October 13, 2016

The Real Story: Juvenile Arrests Continue Decline in 2015 – Including 17 year olds

Following up on a post on October 6 about making sure we are using data and facts rather than unsubstantiated rhetoric about juvenile arrests, based on data available from the Wisconsin Bureau of Justice Information and Analysis, juvenile arrests continued their decline through 2015.  The data shows that juvenile arrests have declined by about 57% since 2008 and by over 35% just since 2011*.


What about 17 year olds?

As we continue to push reforms that would bring 17 year olds back into the system, we can also note that arrests of 17 year olds continue to decline as well – by almost 25% just since 2013 – including a decline in the types of offenses that are most likely to be referred for services at the county level.



But, it also means that in 2015 another 11,000 17 year olds ended up with an adult arrest record, an adult citation/ticket, and in some cases an adult charge and conviction that will remain on their record as they enter adulthood – with a small fraction of these youth arrested for a violent/serious offense.                                      by Jim Moeser

*Note that this data does include 17 year olds but does not include a small percentage of arrests reported by a “state agency” (e.g. State Patrol, DNR) vs. a local or county law enforcement agency.