July 28, 2016

Ten Things Leaders Can do to Improve the Lives of Children and Families with Mental Health Challenges

Kids in Crisis, USA Today Network’s lengthy investigation on challenges children with mental health issues face, has developed a 10-point Legislation Action Tracker. You can check out this list and follow it over time to see if our state’s leadership takes the kind of steps recommended to improve the lives of thousands of children/youth/families across Wisconsin.  You can share the list of ideas with your legislator, with your friends and colleagues, and across your community to let our policy-makers know there are things that can be done that can make a real difference.

Hundreds of these children end up being driven deeper into the juvenile justice and child welfare systems when they are not able to access appropriate mental health services.  WCCF’s publication, Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Children in Wisconsin, outlines the importance of addressing children’s mental health needs as well as the challenges we face in Wisconsin.

by Jim Moeser